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This time we've got some noisy fun with balloons and even a big beach ball which poped after pumping it too much with rubber foot pump! We were wearing super thin black ankle socks that you may now from one of our latest videos. The feeling of feet in those socks on my dick is truly amazing and always makes me cum without helping hands! We blowed up some balloons with our feet and then we get to the footjob in few positions and with intense cumshot at the finish!

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On the first plan we have those big eyes and soft lips. In the background we have worn, white ankle socks and sexy ass. It's hard to don't cum too early watching this guy licking and sucking my uncut dick. He is shy but he made a really good job looking straight to the camera. While you're watching this film you can feel like he is doing it to you! Another pleasure he did to me. I'm always enjoying those blowjobs not even less then fucking his tight ass!

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We've made few videos with those amazing socks but never a real footjob. This time Alex was lying on the bed in AFO's and those thin, tight socks beneth them. I can't describe this feeling when I touch his feet in those socks or rub them with my dick. I'm getting boner again just beause writting this description now. I was licking and kissing his feet in few positions and camera angles and finally rub them with my dick until I cummed on his soles!

Dangerous Fuck - Closeted Colombian Opens His Ass Part 1

I met this guy in Columbia where I was doing a short residency. He needed to wear a mask for our shoot because he’s the son of someone important in government… or maybe a cartel. He wasn’t very clear with the details. But he’s in the closet and there would surely be hell to pay if his secret ever got out. I love the way he teases my dick with his hole before I finally give him what he’s craving for. In Part 1, I eat his ass and tease his hole with my hard cock. He stretches open his cheeks and shows me his hole as I record on my iphone. #south #america #columbia

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Blue sneakers on his feet, white dirty socks - really worn and sweaty. He was wearing them for last several days. You can see a dirty footprint on socked soles and how sticky they are, like second skin. And finally those perfect, soft, smelly feet. Warm toes and soles were like the best meal for my hungry mouth and tongue. I was so lucky he let me do whatever I want to his legs and feet. It was so much for me that I had to cum in the end.

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Half naked Alex lying on a bed and he thinks I won't get horny by seeing him like that? Those tight boxer briefs and sexy legs makes me wanna lick him from toes to belt. I've humped him through underwear and his naked ass and eventually cummed on it.

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I'm taking my reward here. He lost a bet again and the deal was he will let me use his butt and hole on my wish, whenever I want, one time. We were after a dinner, he was gonna nap but I was too horny to leave his tired body alone. He wasn't glad I want him right now. He didn't really want this. Well... the bet is a bet and If you lose it you owe someone! I could fulfill my afternoon desire and I recorded this. Humping him frontly, kissing and then humping his shaved hole wit cum at the end.

Beim French Kissing gegenseitig wichsen

Ich und Alex waren heute beide geil, also beschlossen wir, uns beim Küssen gegenseitig das Sperma zu geben. Ich habe zuerst abgespritzt, ah!

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I was resting on the bed in my black sneakers and dirty white socks beneth them. I was surprised he wanted to record such video. Maybe somehow he found me attractive lying like that. That's okay. I've let him do what he wants. He started to worship my feet, smell my socks, rubbing them with his cheeks. Than, he took off my socks and started to lick and kiss my soles and sucking my toes. Finally we went on the bed and I made him cum with my bare feet.

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Ich habe diesen Typen in Columbia getroffen, wo ich eine kurze Auszeit verbrachte. Er musste eine Maske für unser Shooting tragen, weil er der Sohn eines wichtigen Regierungsmitglieds ist… oder vielleicht eines Kartells. Er war nicht sehr klar mit den Details. Aber er ist im Schrank und es wäre sicher die Hölle zu zahlen, wenn sein Geheimnis jemals herauskommen würde. Ich liebe es, wie er meinen Schwanz mit seinem Loch neckt, bevor ich ihm endlich das gebe, wonach er will. In Teil 2 ficke ich ihn in Doggy und Missionar, bis er seine Ladung über den ganzen Bauch schießt und ich in seinen Arsch spritze. Ich bekomme eine schöne Nahaufnahme von seinem Cumshot mit meinem iPhone. #south #america #columbia

Finger im Arsch...

...hatte heute mal Lust mit dem Finger im Arsch zu spritzen ....kamm zwar nicht viel aber es war geil......... #wichsen #solo

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Footage from final moments of our live stream. Alex was tied to the sofa chair, blindfolded and with his nipples clipped. Firstly, i made myself cum on his belly, then I sucked him and milked him to the finish.

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This video contains close up camera shoots on my young friend's body. His snekaers, socks, feet and ass. Once again he just let me do whatever I want with him. I started with his legs, gently caresing them, then I took off his sneakers and worship his warm, feet in white socks. I was kissing and rubbing his feet with my dick. Then I took off one of from his socks and worship his bare feet. After that I flipped him on his belly and get to his ass, humping his hole and finally cum on his buttock.

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Na du Billigschlampe! Schau dir meine geilen Rundungen an, so willst du auch aussehen, was? Wie eine echte Frau! Du bist allerdings nur eine kleine Billignummer, eine Männerfotze die sich nicht traut Ihren Fetisch auszuleben! Das ist jetzt vorbei! Ich werde Dich komplett in eine Gummifotze verwandeln und Dich zu einer fickbare Schlampe erziehen! Mache deine Maul & Arschfotze schön weit auf, damit Deine Göttin dich tief zerficken kann! Ich rippe Dich ab,bereite Dich vor deine Löcher gut fickbar zu machen! Und den Deepthoart zu erlernen bis zu spucken musst! Alles was Du dämliche Sau ausgrotzt hast, wirst du dankbar vor meinen Stiefeln vom Boden weg lecken! Auch Du wirst noch lernen as eine gute Fickfotze zu tun hat! #Sissy #Männerfotze #bischlampe

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Alex pretended he is wanking himself under the blanket but I wanted to do it to him for real. It comes our I was morny horny than him, because when I grabbed our dicks together, started to jerking off them and kissing his lips I cummed first. After this short action I left him alone on the bed.

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Immobiled , tied to the bed with his hands and legs. Ballgagged and blindfolded. The only thing he could do was moaning. I was taking care of his nipples and especially his rock hard, uncut dick. A lot of precum and pulsatory movement show how much he wanted to finally spread his juicy, warm cumshot. I was keeping him on the edge for 15 minutes. It was like forever to him. Using magic massager, whipe nipple clips and my mouth and hands. Post cum teasing and double cum included at finish.

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Tight boxer briefs under his shorts and those hot white ankle socks are easy factors Alex like to use to seduce me. Coming from kissing and touching, through rubbing each other cocks to finally humping hard his hole and cum on his buttocks.

Kitzeln und Melken gebunden Döbel

Es tut mir leid, dass ich so laut geschrien habe, aber es war eine sehr unangenehme Situation für mich! Ich hatte auf ein gutes Melken gehofft, aber als er anfing, mich zu kitzeln und meinen Körper zu ärgern, war ich wie in der Hölle. Ich hasse es, wenn ich völlig bin und jemand mit meinem Körper tun kann, was er will. Nach einigem Spielen fing er endlich an, mich mit seinem weichen Mund, dem magischen Massagegerät und dem Gleitgel anzulassen. Ich denke, er hat großartige Arbeit geleistet! Ich halte mich eine Weile auf dem Laufenden und postcum teasin meinen Schwanz nach einem Cumshot.

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A little trip with my younger friend to a pretty city few hundreds kilometers away from home. It was morning in the hotel room when I asked him nicely If he can take care of my morning wood. I was very horny, didn't masturbate for few days. Firstly, he was sucking me on the bed, then he took of his shorts and exposed he is hard too, so I asked him to kneel on the floor for a better view. But It wasn't for long. I was coming so we moved on the bed again and he finished his work!

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We didn't see each other for almost a week. This warm feeling in my stomach when I'm seeing my Alex after a long break makes me wanna kiss him to death! This time I've put camera on tripod and record our little sexual game. I've stoped myself from rush moves. We were kissing, humping and touching each other, waking up our dicks, making them hard, then rubbing them and masturbate, finally ending with two cumshots on Alex's belly and hips.

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Evening in the hotel room. Horny Alex wanted me to suck him. I don't want him to fall in a bad mood so I did it. He was recording it from first person view, holding the camera in his hands. Juicy cumshot at the finish! Another blowjob video, but this time, compared to previous one, we switched!

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After a whole day of sightseeing a new city we came back to hotel. I knew what's beneth those sneakers - tight, warm, white socks and sweaty, soft feet. Just asked my friend to record a quick feet content video. It was short but pretty intense for me!

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Eiskalt erwischt! Du bist eine kleine Sissy Sau und wichst nur noch auf Shemale Pornos,aber Du traust dich nicht! Bist in einer Ehe mit einer Frau, die Du richtig satt hast, denn Sie kann Dir nicht das geben was Du eigentlich brauchst! Ein dicken fetten schwarzen Schwanz von einem erfahrener Ficker! So eine richtig dominante Sau, alt, fett und in Leder gekleidet! Wenn du auf der Straße oder im Internet siehst wie die kleinen Sissy Schlampen sich ficken lassen, wird dir immer ganz komisch! Das liegt daran das Du feige Sau nicht der bist, den Du vorzuspielen versuchst! Du bist eine Shemale, eine Sissy, aber versteckst Dich hinter Deine Ehefotze! Du bist schwach und erbärmlich, aber nun ist Ende mit dem Versteck Spiel! Jetzt fang an zu leben und werde der, der in in Wahrheit bist, feige Sau! #Shemale #Sissy #BiFotze

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Completely immobiled twink guy wrapped in black stretch foil. He moans from pleasure, every time my hand, mouth or magic massager touches his hard uncut dick. I was keeping him on the edge by wanking, sucking him and teasing his sensitive frenulum. His body was wriggling more and more and finally I've let him spread out his cumshot but It wasn't the end. I've learned how to torturre him a bit after the cum and It was the most intense and sinister at the same time. He couldn't refuse.

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Rubbing his pink, sensitive hole with my dick while touching his balls and making him hard with my hand. I love that. Especially when he isn't in a mood to recording a video, my hand proves he is still able to get hard, that's really annoying to him and turning me on :3 . At finish I cummed on his ass.

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So ein heftig geiles Outfit und noch keine Ahnung wohin die Reise mit dir gehen soll? Als ob, denn es immer wieder das Gleiche mit dir- Du willst eine Shemale sein! Dicke fette Titten müssen her und strenge Erziehung, doch Heute werde ich Dich an der Wurzel packen und dort hin katapultieren wo du hin gehört! Du wirst funktionieren so wie Lady Demona es sich vorstellt! Somit wirst du ab sofort nur noch auf meinen Sissy Mindfuck Clips wichen und natürlich auf Shemale Pornos, damit Du siehst wohin deine Reise geht! Deine ekelhaften Wichsschwanz wirst du jetzt das allerletzte mal ab - schlotzen und dann ist für immer Ende mit der Wichserei! Also Shemale, was kannst du für mich tun! Fang an zu funktionieren!!! #Bischlampe #Keuschheit #Sissy

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Sometimes I like a big and stupid straight dude. This straight guy likes to get his ass fucked on the down low, but he showed up with ribbed condoms. Cuz evidently that’s what his girl likes and that’s what he had on hand. But the ribbed condoms were too much for his sensitive straight ass so I had to to take them off and fuck him raw. He told me to pull out before I came, but he was riding me and he’s a big boy so I had no choice but to shoot a hot load up into his straight ass. (AlsoI l love how he submits and becomes like a little puppy when I finger his hole.) #Bear #Hairy #Raw

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Video starts with kissing and touching. Innocent playing evolved to oral sex, we were both so fucking horny that day. I didn't want to cum to quick but it was truly hard. After blowjob session we sat face to face, keep wanking and kissing. My sweet ten friend cummed first, spread his load on his belly. It took my just several second to cum after him!

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Sometimes he wants to feel his ass scorching so he acts naughty to make me angry. It's because he wants to be sure I won't hesitate to spank him hard enough. Well, it works pretty well acutally. I was spanking him through his joggers and underwear, Then I made his ass red by spanking his naked buttocks with my bare hands and belt. I felt his hard dick on my kneels so I made him cum on bed at the finish.

Geil im Gästezimmer gewichs

Ich war zu Besuch und abends alleine im Gästebett...schon länger nicht mehr gewichst, da dachte ich, spielste ein bisschen mit deinem Schwanz rum. Und siehe da, er ist sofort hart geworden...das musste ich dann natürlich gleich für das Publikum filmen. ;-)